How It Works?

1. Create registry

Setting up your registry is free and only takes a few seconds. Customise your registry with picture, background and welcome message.
Honeymoon Registry

2. Add funds

Choose your cash funds that you would like to add. Set your desired amount and click ‘Add to Registry’.

3. Guests contribute

Your guests from around the world can contribute at price points that make them feel comfortable and can add personalised video messages.
Cash Fund Registry

4. Close registry

After your special day, close your registry to receive your funds.


Why have a registry?

Guests are going to buy you gifts whether you registry or not. You’d be surprised how many people on your guest list will appreciate a selection of gift ideas.

Is it ok to register for cash?

Absolutely! Your family and friends want to give you gifts you want. We recommend splitting large funds up into smaller, more personalized ones. Guests will love contributing to specific things and experiences you two care about. Over 75% of couples register for cash funds, whether it be your dream honeymoon, savings for home or favourite charity.

What about guests who aren't tech-savvy?

We’ve created the Wrapistry experience to be easy for everyone – guests included. If they ever have an issue, then our friendly customer support team will be there to help.

Is there a setup cost?

No. Setting up your registry with Wrapistry is free. Setup only takes a few seconds and because it’s all managed online, you can add gifts anywhere, anytime.

How do we receive our cash funds?

After closing your registry, all cash funds shall be affected by way of an electronic transfer into an approved South African bank account nominated in writing by the couple. You can send your banking details to
Please allow at least 2 business days for your cash transfer to process.

What is the cash fund fee?

Wrapistry shall pay the full amount contributed by guests towards the cash fund less a 4,5% processing fee plus R999 once-off transfer fee. There are no costs for your guests.
This cash fund fee is to recover the unavoidable transaction fees charged by credit card companies (if we didn’t charge we would have to stop offering such service).

More questions?

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