How it works for guests

Step 1

Choose your gift

Select the gift you would like to purchase from the couples registry.

If the couple has turned on Group Gifting, you can “Contribute” any amount (ZAR) towards their gift. Once you have chosen a gift, click on the “Add to Cart” button.

Step 2

Confirm and proceed to checkout

Confirm your gift and amount. Once you are happy click the Checkout Now button before proceeding to the next step.

Step 3

Write gift message

Enter your information (so the couple can easily thank you) and write a personal message for the couple.

Step 4

Pay with our secure payment options

Continue to payment and pay using any of our secure payment options. We accept major international credit cards at no additional charges.

Step 5

Receive order confirmation

After payment is successful, you will receive an order confirmation and the couple will be notified of your gift.

Step 6

We’ll deliver your gift

We’ll deliver your gift for free to the couple after their special day.*

*You won’t need to take a gift with you to the event. When the couple is ready, they’ll close their registry and ask us to deliver all their gifts to them. Your gift will be beautifully packed together with all their gifts.

Quick FAQS

Will I receive a delivery confirmation?

No. Why? Our couples choose when they want their gifts delivered -usually after the wedding or upon their return from their honeymoon, for example. So to avoid confusion, we share their delivery notifications just with them.

What if I don't like the options on the registry?

At Wrapistry, we have over 4,000 wedding gifts from over 250 top brands. If you can’t find anything you’d like to give the couple, or you have in mind a particular amount you wish to spend, you can buy the couple a gift voucher for any amount. Our gift vouchers are valid for 3 years and make a great gift.

Can the couple return the gift?

Yes. When couples close off their registry, they are given the option to exchange items for newer ones that have come up since they registered, or choose something else their heart desires. After the gifts are delivered, if anything arrives that they are not happy with, they can return it in exchange for another product of the same value or a Wrapistry voucher. We don’t issue cash refunds for registry gifts, unfortunately. Warranties are available on most products, and we are happy to help facilitate exchanges or repairs if needed.

Need help?

We’re here for you.

Call us 076 369 1694 or send us an email at [email protected]

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