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General Questions

What is Wrapistry?

Wrapistry is an online wedding and baby gift registry platform designed to help make gift shopping simple and stress free.

From engagement to wedding, decorating your first home to having a baby, Wrapistry combines exceptional customer service with modern tools and technology.

Can I shop on Wrapistry without having a gift registry?

Yes, of course!

We are both an online shopping website and a gift registry. You can add items to your cart instead of your registry – shop ’til you drop!

How do online registries work?

An online registry helps you easily receive the gifts you want. You can simply select a list of gifts, experiences, honeymoon and cash funds you want, based on your taste and needs. We offer a complimentary service by sitting down with you to help give advice on your gift registry, which can sometimes be overwhelming.

Once the special event is over, all gifts are delivered straight to your door, so those buying gifts for you don’t need to bring the gift to the function and gifts will not be stolen or lost. We provide you with a list of all gifts bought and from whom to help you thank your friends and family for buying your gifts from Wrapistry.

Why choose an online registry?

People are much more appreciative when they receive presents they’d explicitly asked for.

Wrapistry offers you flexibility when it comes to adding or removing items – a handy feature for newly engaged couples still trying to figure out if they have everything for the household.

Do you offer gift wrapping on Wrapistry items?

To be eco-friendly and help make a more positive impact on our environment, we don’t offer gift wrapping.

Does Wrapistry support international shipping?

At this time, we only ship within South Africa, and we only support cash transfers into South African bank accounts.

That being said, we do support the use of international credit cards with no additional charges, so your out-of-the-country guests can still give you a gift.

Should you wish to send a gift overseas, let us know and we will do our best to make it happen for you. Contact us at

Creating Your Registry

When should I create my wedding registry?

What are you waiting for?

Registering for wedding gifts should be one of the first tasks you tackle when you get engaged. Friends and family will be looking to buy wedding gifts as soon as he pops the question. Take the guesswork out of gift buying by making sure they know what you want.

How do I know when I have enough items on my registry?

A good registry has a wide variety of items and prices to cater for guests of all budgets and tastes.

Our gift adviser will also help you – it’s not maths, it’s magic!

How do I make my registry public?

Your registry will be live to the public the moment you have registered, so make sure you personalise it (with a couple photo, background picture and message) and start adding gifts as soon as you’re ready!

How do I know what gifts have been purchased?

We’ve created a gift tracker page which you will see once you have logged into your account.  This will allow you to easily keep track of all your gifts, making “thank you’s” a pleasurable experience. You will also receive live email notifications every time a guest buys you a gift, including their name, the gift and their gift message.

How do I enable group gifting?

You can enable our group gifting option so that your guests can contribute any amount they choose. Within your manage registry page, simply select the gift you would like to group gift and turn the button under the “Enable Group Gifting” column.

What happens if a group gift isn't fully contributed?

Even if the gift isn’t 100% contributed, you will still receive whatever amount has been gifted to you.

For products sold on Wrapistry, you will receive the contributions in the form of Wrapistry store credits. These credits will automatically be placed into your account, and you can redeem them at any point by applying them at checkout to that specific product.

What happens if a gift becomes unavailable during the course of my registry?

If you’ve registered for a product which may become out of stock, that product will remain out of stock on the registry until it comes back in again. If the item is discontinued, we advise you to remove it and add another product.

If the item goes out of stock or gets discontinued after a guest has ordered, you will automatically be granted Wrapistry store credits when closing your registry.

Please be aware that we don’t ‘reserve’ your stock as soon as it’s bought by a guest to allow you the flexibility to make swaps/exchanges before closing – therefore stock issues do occur from time to time – we ask for your understanding and patience in this regard and our customer support team will always do their utmost to help you every step of the way.

What if I want to change the items on my registry?

Wrapistry allows you to log in and manage your registry and remove items and add new ones whenever you wish.

What about guests who aren't tech-savvy?

We’ve created the Wrapistry experience to be easy for everyone – guests included. If they ever have an issue, then our team will be here to help them.

Cash Funds

How do I register for a honeymoon or cash gift?

Once you have created your registry, you’ll see “Cash Funds” as a category at the top of the homepage and choose from our variety of cash and honeymoon fund options. Set your desired amount and click ‘Add to Registry’.

Can I hide my total cash fund amount requested?

Yes, first set an amount for your cash fund and add to your registry. You then have the option to hide the total from your guests, which is by default, or you can decide to unhide the total and let your guests see how much you would like.

What is the cash fund fee?

Wrapistry shall pay the full amount contributed by your guests towards your cash fund less a 4,95% bank processing fee plus R750 transfer fee. There are no costs for your guests.

This is the lowest cash fund fee and is to recover the transaction fee charged by credit card companies.

How do we receive our cash funds?

All cash funds shall be affected by way of an electronic transfer into a South African bank account nominated in writing by the couple. You can send your banking details to

How long will it take to receive our cash after a transfer is requested?

Please allow at least 2 business days for your first cash transfer to process. All subsequent transfers should happen much faster (within 1-2 days).

What happens if the cash fund amount has been reached?

If the cash fund amount has been fully contributed by your guests, it will reflect as sold on your registry. We therefore recommend asking for more than you would want and you can even hide the amount requested.

Can I convert gifts into cash fund amounts?

Yes, we do allow you to convert gifts into cash fund amounts less a 30% processing fee.

For Guests

How do I find a registry?

Buying a gift?

Find their registry here and choose a gift you can be sure they’ll like.

All gifts will be delivered directly to the couple after their special day.

Is my personal information safe?

Yes, your contact information is confidential, and Wrapistry respects privacy and are committed to protecting the privacy of users on our website.

Wrapistry seeks to employ best practice when it comes to the collection and processing of personal information in line with the Protection of Personal Information Act (“POPIA”).

Is my credit card information secure?

Your credit card information is completely safe, secure, and confidential.

Wrapistry does not store or encrypt your credit card data. All of our online transactions are put through a secure third party server run by Peach Payments, Africa’s best online payment gateway.

Our website is also secured by Cloudflare, SSL and code signing digital certificates are used globally to secure servers, provide data encryption, authenticate users, protect privacy and assure online identifies through stringent authentication and verification processes.

When will I get the gift to take to the wedding or baby shower?

Don’t worry about it!

Rather than having to wrap and take the gift with you, we’ll keep everything safe with us and deliver the whole registry to the couple after the special day.

Let us handle the work of making sure they get everything.

Can I include a personal message with my gift?

Sure, at checkout you can write a personalised message which will be included electronically with your gift so the couple can easily thank you.

What is the free delivery policy?

Wrapistry offers free delivery in South Africa on all registry purchases.

For non-registry orders under R750, we charge R120 for this service.

All deliveries are done using our door-to-door couriers to your chosen delivery address.

Products purchased from a gift registry will be delivered directly to the couple once the couple have closed their registry.

Receiving Gifts

When I will receive my gifts?

After closing your registry, your gifts will be delivered to your door via our trusted courier service. Delivery usually takes 5-10 working days, unless otherwise stated. If there are some items you are still waiting for we will part deliver the bulk of your gifts straight away and the balance as soon as the stock arrives.

All cash funds contributed will be directly deposited into your South African bank account once you have closed your registry and redeemed your funds.

Can I exchange a gift?

Yes – we give you the option to exchange items prior to closing your gift registry.

If on receiving your order you are not delighted with your purchase, please inform our Wrapistry team within 10 working days and we will gladly exchange it provided the item is in its original condition, original packaging and provided the gift you desire is in stock.

Once your return has arrived back with us, you will receive Wrapistry credits for the cash value of the gift, which are store credits that you can use to purchase something else from the Wrapistry site.

Email or call us at 076 369 1694 and we’ll arrange the return for you.

How do we keep track of who gave us what?

We send you real time notifications each time that you receive a gift. You can track all your gifts under your gift tracker.

In your gift tracker, you can search for gift-givers name, gift message and download the list. You can even reply directly to your guest and thank them for your gift.

What happens if a gift is out of stock or discontinued?

Due to the nature of our business and while stock issues may occur from time to time, if a gift you received from your registry is temporary out of stock, or discontinued before you close your registry and request to deliver it, you will automatically receive Wrapistry store credit. The credit never expires and can be used on any of gift on Wrapistry, other than cash funds.

What is Wrapistry store credit?

Wrapistry store credit is credit that can be applied towards the purchase of items on Wrapistry at checkout.

There are two types of Wrapistry store credit:

Wrapistry store credit that you receive as a result of converting a gift to store credit, gifts purchased on your registry that are out of stock or discontinued, group gifts that are not fully contributed, redeeming a digital Wrapistry gift card or returning a gift within that gift’s return policy.

A few things to note:

  • This credit is Wrapistry stored credit, never expires and can be used towards any physical product or experience on Wrapistry.
  • This credit cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • Cannot be used to purchase a cash fund gift on Wrapistry.
  • Cannot be retroactively applied to past orders.


Wrapistry store credit that you receive as a result of marketing promotion or coupon.

A few things to note:

  • This credit has varying expiration dates.
  • This credit cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • Cannot be used to purchase a cash fund gift on Wrapistry.
  • Cannot be retroactively applied to past orders.

You can check the balance of your credits in your account settings.

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