How to Close Your Registry

This step by step guide will help you close your registry and enjoy newlywed life.

Step 1

View your gift tracker

You’ve had the time of your lives and now it’s time time to say thank you to your nearest and dearest for not only helping to create unforgettable memories with you, but for all the gifts.

To simplify your lives, your Wrapistry gift tracker, (found on your manage registry page), will show you who bought you what and help you to thank each of your guests.

Step 2

Exchange gifts before delivery

Changed your mind on one or two things? No problem! We’re flexible and allow you to swap items before we deliver. Simply email [email protected] with the gifts on your registry you wish to exchange.

Please note you have 10 days to notify us of any exchanges. If we don’t hear from you within such time, all your gifts will be delivered.

Step 3

Delivery to your door

We will get all your gifts packed and delivered to your door at no extra cost. We will keep you updated on estimated delivery and notify you on any items that are discontinued or on back order. Please notify us if your delivery address has changed.

Step 4

Cash fund gifts?

Simply email [email protected] with your South African banking details and we will deposit the amount directly into your account.

Step 5

Enjoy newlywed life

Receive 10% post-wedding discount and other exclusive perks and deals for your exciting next chapter. A reason still to celebrate!


Quick FAQS

Does Wrapistry offer free delivery and returns?

Yes! We are proud to offer free standard delivery on most items sold on Wrapistry. We also offer free returns within 30 days of delivery for most items sold on Wrapistry as long as the items are in its original condition and original packaging and provided the item you wish to exchange for is in stock.

How do I receive my cash funds and experiences?

Experiences – You will receive an e-voucher which you can redeem with the experience company listed on our website.

Cash funds – Simply email [email protected] with your South African banking details and we will transfer the total amount contributed by your guests less 2,95% transfer fee. You can have these transferred whenever you wish, but we try make 1 bulk transfer for you usually after your wedding as most guests purchase leading up to and after your big day.

What happens if a group gift isn't fully contributed?

Even if the gift isn’t 100% contributed, you will still receive whatever amount has been gifted to you.

For products sold on Wrapistry, you will receive the contributions in the form of Wrapistry store credits. These credits will automatically be placed into your account, and you can redeem them at any point by applying them at checkout to that specific product.

Need help?

We’re here for you.

Call us 076 369 1694 or send us an email at [email protected]

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