About Wrapistry®

No one said planning a wedding was easy. Between your parents and soon to be in-laws everyone has an opinion about pretty much everything, from who to seat where, to what entrees to serve. But planning a wedding should be fun for the couple getting ready to say “I do”.
Inspired by the love of family and friends, Wrapistry ensure that amid the chaos of arranging a wedding, couples could take some time and have fun putting their dream gift list together.

Gift shopping should be stress-free.

The service we offer lets our couples step out of the planning for a moment to focus on the new life and home they are creating together. It is very special to play a small part in that process.
With Wrapistry it’s easy to create, manage and share your online registry with gifts and experiences that are relevant for couples at any stage in their life.

Our customers are our greatest gift.

With our unique cash funds and gift cards to choose from, comes an opportunity to take a moment to start re-imagining the beautiful life and memories you are about to create together – which really trumps any other planning at the end of the day.