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Founded in 2015

No one said planning a wedding was easy. Between your parents and soon to be in-laws everyone has an opinion about pretty much everything, from who to seat where, to what entrees to serve. But planning a wedding should be fun for the couple getting ready to say “I do”.

Wrapistry founders Pat Berman and Linda Shein, both mothers and mothers-in-law respectively, know all too well what goes into planning a wedding.

In 2015, the duo created personalised gift registry Wrapistry, to ensure that amid the chaos of arranging a wedding, couples could take some time and have fun putting their dream gift list together and rest assured knowing that all the logistics there-after would be managed for them.

Inspired by the love of
family and friends.

“Wedding and gift shopping

should be easy and stress-free.”

says Pat and Linda. “The service we offer lets our couples step out of the planning for a moment to focus on the new life and home they are creating together. It is very special to play a small part in that process.”

With Wrapistry it’s easy to create, manage and share your online registry with gifts and experiences that are relevant for couples at any stage in their life. It’s simple for you and simple for your family and friends.

Our customers

and service are our greatest gift.

With over 300 brands and various experiences to choose from, comes an opportunity to take a moment to start re-imagining the beautiful life and memories you are about to create together – which really trumps any other planning at the end of the day.

Quick FAQS

When should I create my wedding registry?

Registering for wedding gifts is a fun part of wedding planning and should be considered when you plan your invitations, after deciding how many guests you expect to invite. We recommend creating your registry usually 3-4 months before your special day and can be done sooner.

Is there a setup cost for creating my registry?

No, setting up your registry with Wrapistry is free. Setup only takes a few seconds and because it’s all managed online, you can add gifts anywhere, anytime.

What is a wedding gift registry?

A wedding, or bridal, registry is a way for couples to let loved ones celebrate their wedding with gifts that they have chosen for their home and life as newlyweds.

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