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At Wrapistry, we know how planning for a big life event can be more stressful than couples expect. Traditional gift registries don’t leave much room for creativity. That’s why we created a baby shower registry that offers a fun and easy experience for everyone.

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Quick FAQ’s

Can I shop on Wrapistry without having a gift registry?

Yes, of course!

We are both an online shopping website and an online gift registry. You can add items to your cart instead of your registry – happy shopping!

Why choose an online baby shower registry?

Traditional gift registries don’t leave much room for creativity. With Wrapistry, expectant couples can ask for what they actually want. They can register for baby products and baby cash funds—all in one place—so their family members and friends have options. People are much more appreciative when they receive baby presents they’d explicitly asked for.

Is there a setup cost for creating my baby registry?

No, setting up your gift registry with Wrapistry is completely free. Setup only takes a few seconds and because it’s all managed online, you can add gifts anywhere, anytime.

What is a baby shower registry?

A baby shower registry is a way for expectant couples who are having a baby to let loved ones celebrate their newborn with gifts that they have chosen for their baby and life together as starting a family.

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