Why you should create a wedding registry

Why you should create a wedding registry

Traditional gift registries don’t leave much room for creativity. With Wrapistry, though, couples can ask for what they actually want. They can register for gifts and cash funds – all in one place – so their family members and friends have options. This time is a great opportunity to envisage your home and start adding gifts to your registry for your exciting new chapter.

Below are some reasons why you should create a wedding registry:

Keeps you excited

Creating your registry is an excellent way to remain excited about your wedding. Creating your registry only takes a few seconds and because it’s all managed online, you can add gifts, anywhere, anytime. Remember you can always change the date of your registry if your wedding date changes.

Now is the perfect time to set-up your registry because you have extra time available to go through what you really need.

Creating your registry is free

There is no fee to create your dream wedding registry. The service we offer lets our couples step out of the planning for a moment to focus on the new life and home they are creating together. It is very special for us to play a small part in that process.

Choosing the gifts you really want is a fun activity to do together and can make a very special bonding experience. You can even add gifts to your registry while snuggled up with popcorn or relaxing on the couch.

Everything you want (and need)

Shop from over 300 top brands and various experiences to choose from. This is a great opportunity to take a moment to start re-imagining the beautiful life and memories you are about to create together – which really trumps any other planning at the end of the day.

Our online registry is fun, easy to use and personalized. Wrapistry is the only wedding gift registry in South Africa with gifts, experiences, honeymoon and cash funds – all-in-one registry!

Honeymoon and cash funds

At Wrapistry, you can even add a cash fund for your new home, honeymoon or favourite charity. It’s the best way to ask for and receive cash. A cash fund tip – your home is your canvas and you’re the artists. The only real rule is to add what makes you happy. Even if it’s a cash fund for a puppy.

Try our gift advisor – It’s not maths, its magic!

We’ll make sure you have a great variety for your guests to choose from. Tell us how many guests you’re expecting and we’ll recommend how many gifts to add to your registry – based on price point and category.

10% Post-wedding discount

We promise to make newlywed life even sweeter. After closing your registry, receive 10% post-wedding discount for unpurchased gifts. A reason still to celebrate and a toast to your happily ever after.

VIP customer service

We truly feel that each couple who creates a registry with us is special and unique. We’ve helped thousands of couples with their registry and our team of registry experts are available and more than happy to sit over a cup of coffee or phone call to help you create your perfect registry (we know it can be overwhelming). Don’t just take our word for it. See what some of our couples have to say.

Remember, Wrapistry is here to create piece of mind for you on your special wedding day.

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