Top 10 first dance songs 2018

Looking for some great wedding songs? A tune always manages to set a tone, be it in a movie, a night out or to bring back childhood memories. Therefore, the tone set on your wedding day needs to be nothing less than perfect as it is these memories that will carry you through into your forever. Nothing sets the tone for a wedding quite like the first dance. The song for the first dance will possibly encompass past memories but for future years after your wedding, will be the song to transport back to the day where it all began. So, choose this one wisely. Below is a list of wedding songs to help you with this choice.

  1. For the romantics: John Legend, All Of Me

It’s worth getting married and having a first dance for this song alone. The words encapsulate ultimate love and romance and you and those around you will get swept up in the melody and John Legend’s silky-smooth voice. Love was created to dance to this song with

  1. For when your partner is your everything else as well: Jason Mraz, Lucky

In this upbeat tune, Mraz sings how he is lucky that he is in love with his best friend. Some couples start off as friends and then become more, others start off romantically and then a friendship grows. Either way, this song says it all.

  1. For when it’s so soppy its sweet: Ed Shereen, Perfect

If there’s one word that should sum up your partner and your wedding day, its perfect. This is the song to play when you have no words of your own as it really says it all.

4. For those who just want to be real: Alicia Keys, Fallin

As perfect as your wedding day may be, the reality of all relationships is that there are ups and downs and challenges that need to be worked through. Alicia Key’s sings about this so powerfully in her song “Fallin” yet, every chorus ends with “I never loved someone the way that I love you”

  1. For the light hearted: Alicia Keys and Usher, My Boo

A fun and light- hearted song with adorable words and a beat that makes for a really happy first dance that your guests can join in with.

  1. For the sentimental: Etta Janes, At Last

This is a classic song, its classic romance and it will be a classic first dance tune. It takes you back to a different time and a different world. For the few moments of your first dance, nothing else should matter and no one else should exist. The time is yours together.

  1. For the deep and meaningful: Christina Perri, A Thousand Years

This song sings about infinite love, life and all beyond that. The words are intense, the tune is soulful and passion seeps through every moment. There won’t be a dry eye in the room after dancing to this song.

  1. For a bit of spunk: Mark Ronson feat Bruno Mars, Uptown funk

This song screams fun and party and is the perfect way to show off some hidden dance moves. Get everyone in the room bopping and jamming to this irresistible song and start the wedding off with a real bang.

  1. For the love story: Beyonce feat Jay- Z, Crazy in Love

Take romance one step further by dancing your first dance to Beyonce’s Crazy in Love which features her very own love. Not only is there a hidden personal love story in this hit of a song, it’s also super sexy.

  1. For when dreams do come true: Ellie Goulding, Love Me Like You Do

Who can forget the dramatic scene in 50 Shades of Grey when they’re soaring in the clouds in a tiny helicopter. The plot may not be the perfect romance, but that scene sure shows how love can take you to new heights.

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