Beginners guide to dinnerware

Starting a home together is thrilling and choosing all the beautiful items that are going to fill your home should be fun. As fun and exciting as it may be, if you have never had your own home before, it can be extremely overwhelming. There is so much to choose from and it is difficult to know exactly what is necessary without the tried and tested experience. For this reason, we’ve tried to help make it that much simpler for you with a beginner guide.

What: Firstly, it is important to know exactly what an everyday dinner set consists of. It would usually include a dinner plate, salad plate, soup or cereal bowl and a cup and saucer or mug.

How many: Most people start with around 8-12 settings depending on the size of your extended family and if you enjoy having people over. If you choose a set with a specific design, it is important to get a few extra to counter in inevitable chips or breakages. Especially if the design may be discontinued. If you thought you were done with maths when you finished high school, you’ll need it one more time when calculating how many items you need per set. 8-12 setting is a 32-72 piece set so when it comes with 16 pieces you will need to order two to three sets.

Styles: A casual dinnerware set can often be plainer than a fancy one as it has to be neutral enough to use every day and not get bored of, as well as being classic enough to last a long time and blend into your lifestyle, lay out and décor. It is also easier to replace a plain piece of crockery rather than a special once off design and for everyday ware, your crockery is probably more prone to chips and breakages.

Having said this, a casual dinnerware set can also be an opportunity to be bold and funky and may be a way to express an artistic side in an everyday situation.

Here are some ideas for whichever route you go:

  • Maxwell & Williams Primavera Couple 16-Piece Dinner Set – This is artistic and whimsical, bringing together everyday elegance with a pop of colour and a twist of unique flavour, before you even cook an exotic dish.
  • Wonkiware – Enjoy the unique handmade prints and colours from the Wonkiware dinnerware range. Each piece has a unique and organic feel and appearance. From dinner plates, side plates, pasta bowls and desert bowls in a plain wash of any of our four most popular colours – this brand has it all.
  • Nicolson Russell – Made from porcelain and high quality bone china. The crockery is not just beautiful but strong and excellent workmanship too. There are beautiful and unique patterns to choose from too.
  • Humble & Mash – If you want an everyday good quality dinnerware set with some colour this set is perfect for you. Humble & Mash has a simple philosophy of bringing design, function and value to your kitchen & home with durable everyday dinnerware.  

We hope now you can sit back, relax and enjoy your meal.

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