Wrapistry reimagines the baby registry

Traditional gift registries don’t leave much room for creativity. With Wrapistry, though, couples can ask for what they actually want. They can register for gifts and cash funds—all in one place—so their family members and friends have options. “Creating a gift registry should be one of the most fun experiences,” says Wrapistry co-founders Pat Berman and Linda Shein.

The family behind the online registry knows how planning for a big life event can be more stressful than couples expect. Which is why they created Wrapistry to be a delightful, easy, and helpful experience—so couples can get back to what’s really important. Linda’s son, Jed, used Wrapistry to create his registry when he got married. He loved and believed in it so much that he even took over as CEO.

“Weddings are just one part of a couple’s journey together. We want to be a part of every chapter. So it makes sense for reimagining the baby registry to be our next adventure,” says Jed. Here’s how Wrapistry is helping expectant couples to get the most out of their baby shower registry:

Gifts you need (and really want)

Couples can choose from an amazing range of products. From stylish cots and sleek strollers to everyday essentials (think cutlery sets and vests), Wrapistry has created the ultimate baby shower registry. Plus, new, beautiful pieces baby shower gifts are added to our online store every week. 

Take the guesswork out

The Wrapistry team has learned so much over the years, from the most popular gifts to the average amount people spend. Answer a few questions and we’ll recommend how many gifts to add to your baby registry – based on price point and category. This way, not only are you getting a variety of items, but you’re also being accommodating of different budgets. 

Cash funds

Cash funds make it super easy for guests to contribute to your baby’s future. Whether that be a year’s supply of diapers or their education… whatever! Wrapistry now offers parenting and baby shower cash funds to choose from.

Wrapistry couples love how easy it is to create (and ask for) cash funds:

  • Select one of Wrapistry’s many premade funds (or contact us if you’d like help setting up your own one).
  • Guests can choose to contribute at price points that make them feel comfortable.
  • Wrapistry will transfer the total amount whenever you like (less a low handling fee). 
  • The more traditional members of your family will appreciate knowing what you’ll be spending the money on. 
  • You can even be discreet by hiding the total amount of a fund. 

Group gifting

Wrapistry’s group gifting feature allows couples to choose the gifts they really want by splitting the cost. When you add an item to your Wrapistry baby shower registry, you can turn on group gifting and give guests the opportunity to contribute what they can. You can make anything a group gift – from elegant bassinets to experiences you’ll remember forever. Plus, group gifting increases your chances of receiving expensive items (without any coordination or stress). 

Simple (and fun)

From adding and tracking gifts to delivery and exchanges, Wrapistry’s process is simple (and fun) from start to finish.

Every Wrapistry registry comes with:

    • The option to play around with photos and background images, and customise your welcome message.
    • Notifications every time guests shop your baby shower registry.
    • Free delivery to your door. Plus, you can choose when you’re ready to have your gifts delivered to you.
    • Free exchanges before closing your registry.
    • A 10% registry completion discount.
    • Support for you and your guests. 

About Wrapistry

Wrapistry is a local online registry and gift store. We’re here to make happy couples (and their guests) even happier by creating the ultimate registry and gift shopping experience.

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