Why a wedding planner is worth it

Why a wedding planner is worth it

A wedding planner ensures success on so many behind the scenes of organisational aspects. The more these aspects go unnoticed, the better the planning was. It is often so helpful to have someone co-ordinating the small details behind the scenes.

Here are some reasons why:

On the big day

The focus of your wedding day should be you, your groom and the journey of marriage that you are about to embark on together. Let someone else worry about the flowers, the décor, the menu and how they all work together. Having someone paid to take the stress off you on the day allows you to truly relax. It is often impossible for every tiny detail to run smoothly. For example you can’t control the weather. But if you have a wedding planner, you can control that no matter what everything will be taken care of and you have someone there to save the day!

The build-up

There is so much that goes into organising a wedding. To have someone help organise the finer details leading up to the big day will make your life easier. A wedding planner knows to organise things that you probably didn’t even know about and will attend to details that wouldn’t be on your radar. This doesn’t just help you enjoy your wedding day more but also helps alleviate stress leading up to the day.

Spend smart

Wedding planners do come as an additional cost. However, this can help you save in the long run. A wedding planner will not only help you keep your budget in check but can also advise where to spend and where to save. On top of this, as a professional, the wedding planner will know where to get the best deals and how to get more for less!

Cool connections

As a paid professional with plenty of experience in the industry, a wedding planner has excellent connections to the various other professionals that make up a wedding. They can therefore streamline the details exactly how you dreamed. For example, a caterer may not offer certain menu options but with the right connections and arrangements they may be able to work something out. They may also  be able to recommend a brilliant makeup artist or dress and tux designer.

Objective advice

Family and friends are wonderful and contribute so much to the celebration. It is also helpful to have objective input and advice from someone who is removed emotionally from the event and can see the situation with a clear perspective.


Wedding planners tend to be super creative and are paid to think out of the box. Having a wedding planner could help bring parts of your wedding alive.

Additional event planning

And if this still isn’t enough to convince you, the fact that they could help plan the additional events surrounding the wedding such as the bachelorette or kitchen tea is an additional plus as to why its helpful to have a wedding planner.

Looking for the perfect wedding planner? We have amazing planners just for you who we highly recommend.

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Finally don’t forget about the fun part of wedding planning- setting up your dream registry.

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