Wedding cake trends

You don’t need to be a foodie to get excited about a gorgeous wedding cake. The tradition is fun, exciting and simply delicious. Here are some wedding cake ideas to get your mouth watering and your eyes popping.

Black is the new black – black icing or decorations screams classy and elegant, perhaps even with some gold trim to add some glamour.


Single tier – a single tier cake is minimalist and creates a statement in its simplicity. It also leaves room for unique decorations on top of the cake. If you’re worried there won’t be enough for everyone, have a tray in the back and bring more out.

Fancy filling – this is another minimalist looking option on the outside but surprise your guests with interesting fillings or flavours on the inside. Either using colours to make a rainbow cake, or flavours such as caramel to ooze out. If you can’t decide on one flavour, use each tier to encompass a different flavour.

Tell a story – your cake can be the perfect opportunity to tell your love story through images either painted or marzipanned on. For example, the bottom tier can depict you as a couple meeting and the top tier can be the current point, your wedding. The story also doesn’t have to be linear, you can have lots of fun with cake effects. Instead of having the traditional figures at the top, you can get comical and design the cake to look as if it’s falling onto figures of a fearful bride and groom below.

He popped the question, now let’s have a cake pop – this cute caption can be accompanied by very in-fashion cake pops that not only look effective and taste delicious but are also much more practical in that you can send them home with your guests instead of being left with a giant unfinished cake.

His and Hers cake – one big cake, two different sides. In other words, half the cake can represent him, perhaps in blue with one flavour, while the other half can represent her, perhaps in pink with another flavour. Or one side with a bow tie and the other side with a wedding dress. Think one pizza with half and half toppings or Cruella Devil style.

Geometric shapes – who says all cakes must be round or square. Now’s your chance to spice it up and combine different shaped tiers for an interesting and chic look.

Ombre – Ombre sets an exquisite tone, be it in bridesmaids dresses or even your wedding cake that starts off dark on the highest tier and gets lighter as it goes down.

Unique textures – cakes these days are an art. This is expressed in talented ways of creating texture on cakes for example, concrete looking icing, velvet looking icing or icing that allows the cake to show through giving a rustic, face brick look. This is the perfect way to incorporate your cake into your wedding theme.

“Let them eat cake”… or not – the best cake these days is a non-cake meaning that your wedding cake can be made up of anything from a pile of cupcakes, waffles or doughnuts to a sushi cake, piles of sushi pieces or different tiers of cheese depending if you’re a sweet or savoury type of couple.

There are endless options for incredible wedding cakes, so that your cake at the wedding is the cherry on top of a perfect night.

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