Top 10 best bachelorette themes

The big night has arrived… not the wedding night, the other one- your bachelorette! And its time to let off some steam, party hard and have a night you’ll never forget … or remember. The bachelorette is the perfect opportunity to go wild or even go geeky and have some fun with crazy themes. Here are some bachelorette theme options to get the excitement in full swing.

1. Mexican Fiesta: For those who love tequila & margaritas why not host a zesty night with some delicious Mexican food such as nachos, salsa music, sombreros, karaoke machine and a piñata! Or if you want a night out, go to a Mexican restaurant with a bar and bring your party there!

2. French Kiss: Paris is known to be the city of love and there are so many ways to bring this theme in no matter where you live. Think macaroons, an Eiffel tower photo booth, a love bridge with locks on which can be turned into any sort of truth or dare drinking game by adding notes to the locks, and lots and lots of Champaign!

3. Bachella: when it comes to trendy music festivals, Coachella takes the cake. It’s a platform for rock and indie music and the clothes that go with it make for a perfect dress up theme. Draw out your inner indie soul, grab some hats, feathers and hang up dream catchers because this bachelorette is a festival like never before.

4. What happens in Vegas: Vegas is the capital of partying, debauchery and fun. If you can’t go to Vegas, bring Vegas to you for a night like no other. All you need is lots of alcohol and some glitz and glam. You can even play casino themed drinking games.

5. Great Gatsby: for a more classic, 1920’s glitz and glam theme, the Great Gatsby is a winner. It’s fun and sexy, the outfits are gorgeous and to be able to party like Jay Gatsby is a feat to achieve before the wedding day. At least there’s no alcohol prohibition is 2018!

6. You can’t sit with us: Mean Girls defined many of our childhoods, and deep down, we all wanted a chance to be Regina George. Well now’s the chance. Everything can be pink because “on Wednesdays we wear pink”, a burn book full of fun secrets to share before the wedding, drinks that say “You can’t sip with us”, and of course the chance to wear the shirt with the cut- outs that Regina made ever so popular. So “Get in loser, we’re going PARTYING”.

7. Spice Girls: if mean girls aren’t your thing, let’s go even further back into our childhood and spice it up. Everyone gets to be their favourite singer, the dress up costumes can be wild. And nothing beats old school songs.

8. Victoria’s Secret: from girls to models, this bachelorette is too good to keep a secret. The theme is simply sexy, girly and can be completely personalised using the brides name instead of Victoria.

9. Vamp it up: if Victoria isn’t tour thing, what about Vampire? Vampires only come out at dark which sets the tone for a mysterious night out. Plus, these days Vampires are absolutely gorgeous.

10. I’ll be there for you: the bachelorette is a night of celebrations with your friends, so what better theme than F.R.I.E.N.D.S itself? Create a central perk atmosphere, use the many fabulous quotes, play check your mate and title it “the one where {insert name} gets married”!

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