Top late-night wedding snacks

No matter how delicious the food is at your wedding, a long late night always calls for some fun snacks to keep the energy going. Not only is this a fun extra that may make your wedding more memorable, it is thoughtful, smart and totally necessary. Late night snacks create another whole atmosphere, that just when things seem like they might start winding down, there’s more treats around the corner.

Here are some delicious wedding snacks to consider serving:

  • Mini-burgers and chips – no need for a giant mac a cheese, but cute little burgers and some classic French fries are little things that go a long way.
  • Pizza Slices – this food makes the world go around, send around some slices as a late-night snack to refuel your guests. And for some, create a flashback of the party hard years where there were all nighters ending at the 24 hour pizza place before crawling home by dawn. For some, these years aren’t over just yet and this is one way to make sure your wedding is the ultimate party.
  • Ice-cream – this is the perfect cherry on top of a delicious night. Hopefully by now your guests are boiling hot from all the dancing and craving something cool and fresh. Send around ice- cream on sticks in all different flavours or even have a stall of frozen yogurt or soft serve where guests can serve themselves and have fun with the toppings! This is an activity in and of itself.
  • Pancake bar – its either late at night or early in the morning but its never to early for pancakes! Have a pancake bar dedicated to all fun flavours of pancakes. And don’t forget to serve it with honey and an extra dollop of cream!
  • Candy stand – this tastes good and looks good too! All sorts of candy laid out in bright colours, ready to be picked and mixed in cute jars by your guests is an ideal midnight snack. Willy Wonka will wish he cracked an invite to your big night!
  • Popcorn – when one thinks snacking, popcorn immediately comes to mind. But don’t assume this is basic, now days you can get all sorts of “gourmet” flavoured popcorn ranging from black liquorice, to red hot cinnamon, to creamy cheesecake, to choc mint or even cookies and cream. Check out Maverick and Jane for a full menu for this conversation starter midnight snack.
  • Fresh fruit – this may seem plain and simple but it’s probably just what people need after a big, heavy meal. Fresh fruit is always a hit and there are so many fun ways to serve it. For example, on skewers or even with some muesli and yogurt to create a breakfast feel.
  • Mini cakes – gorgeous French style bite size cakes are a scrumptious sweet treat that taste as classy and elegant as they look. This will hit the spot like no other food will and your guests will end off their night on a luxurious note.
  • Finger food – mini sandwiches and sliced vegetables going around on platters is an obvious choice. Its practical, healthy, filling and of course a classic food.
  • Tea and biscuits – nearing home time may be the perfect opportunity to serve some hot drinks with a variety of biscuits. Its warm and comforting and will end off the night on a cosy and tranquil note.

We’re sure that whichever snack you land up serving at your wedding, it will be a treat!

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