Top 7 Bridesmaid Dresses Ideas for 2019

The bride with the perfect crew by her side is the happiest! No doubt your bridesmaids up until this point have been hand selected and are so excited to celebrate with you. And although it’s your big day, let’s not underestimate their importance. Leading up to now, they’ve certainly played the part by organising your big bachelorette send off or your kitchen tea. But now it’s time for your gorgeous family members and friends to look the part too.

Taking some notes of what not to do, from Kathrine Heigl’s experiences in 27 dresses (who wants any of those hanging in their cupboards?!), here are some ideas for trendy bridesmaid dresses for 2019.

1. Shades of colour: the retinue trend is leaning towards the notion “the more the merrier” meaning that retinues are getting bigger and better, with more bridesmaids than ever before. This being the case, it’s less likely that the same style dress will suit everyone. Therefore, the latest bridesmaid trend is to give a colour theme, for example autumn colours, shades of pink or ocean blues. This allows the bridesmaid to have liberty over the style of the dress that she feels most comfortable in but still sets a colour tone on the day.


2. To infinity and beyond: An “infinity dress” is the ideal bridesmaid dress. It has a consistent structure to the dress but adjustable straps so that you can make the top into any creation you please. This creates unity while at the same time not having everyone look identical. 3. Lace Lovin’: Lace is classic, its classy and beautiful and comes in any colour. There’s so much you can do with lace, from having it as part of the main dress to incorporating it slightly differently in each person’s dress in order to gently tie it all together. Lace in any style or colour expresses a lovely feminine nature.


4. Fabulous in fur: But if you prefer bold and dramatic, fur is the way to go. Especially if you’re having a cozy winter wedding, adding a fur bolero to your bridesmaid’s outfits screams glamour and excitement. Plus, it will keep them warm and they can reuse it afterwards with any other outfit. bridesmaid-dresses-4

5. Print it out: same style dresses, different printed pattern- now you’re talking. This is fun, quirky, alternative and and ever so trendy.


6. Black is the new Black: A black dress retinue may sound unconventional, but the effect is so strikingly elegant. If this is your look, it may be helpful to ensure all the dresses are the same, as black is a popular wedding colour and you wouldn’t want your VIP ladies blending in with the crowd.


7. Pretty Pastels: Although this isn’t necessarily a new trend, there’s a reason it’s still so popular! Pastels are absolutely gorgeous for a retinue. Having each person wear a different shade creates such an impact as the soft colours don’t clash with each other but simply flow. Just like your wedding day should.


Here’s to you’re bridesmaids and all the exciting dresses that they could potentially wear!

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