Top 10 Le Creuset gifts for your new home

Let your culinary skills shine this winter. Our new Le Creuset wedding gift cards are available at Wrapistry and can be used for any Le Creuset products of your choice. See our top 10 Le Creuset must have products for every newlywed couple.

  • Signature Round Casserole – Cook anything and everything in this dish, so let your imagination run wild. It is an absolute kitchen essential and can be used to form the basis of so many meals ranging from pasta ragu to stew to bread. Its easy to grip, easy to clean, has a heat resistant knob and a tight lid. Just when you think you can’t get it all, its super stylish too.
  • Non-Stick Frying Pan – this is to fry for! The non- stick feature of this frying pan does not only make cooking quick and easy but healthier too as no extra fat needs to be added to get the food off the pan. The non- stick frying pan is durable and resistant to wear and tear. The pan itself has a gleaming mirror polish and looks and feels wonderful.
  • Traditional Kettle – home is where the tea (or coffee) is and this daily staple could be made with some real TLC and style using the traditional stovetop kettle. It adds a vibrant splash to your kitchen with its high- quality steel and enamel finish, and whistles when the water is ready to make your perfect hot drink.
  • Rainbow Set of Cappuccino Mugs – what better set to pair with your show stopping kettle than these gorgeous and glamorous mugs! They are not only the usual highest quality standard but come in array of colours so that tea or coffee drinking is an experience. The specialist clay makes these mugs strong and durable along with their playful tone.
  • Signature Square Skillet Grill – the grill produces restaurant standard seared and sizzled food. It is compact, easy to store and can be used on all types of hobs, under the grill or even on a barbecue. This is a simple kitchen must that Le Creuset does so well.
  • Signature Rectangle Roaster – make a roast cooked to perfection in this perfectly shaped roaster where the deep side walls minimise splashes and the non- stick coating makes it so easy to clean. The wide rim, with silicone inserts, makes taking it out of the oven a breeze. No excuse not to get your oven gloves on with this treat of a dish.
  • Deep Casserole – this not only makes an array of exciting food from soups to stew, but is good- looking enough to bring straight to the table. It is non- stick, durable and can be used on any heat source.
  • Stoneware Water Jug – pour your heart out into one of these beautiful creations available in an array of colours. This jug is not only perfect for keeping cold liquids like water or milk but can also withstand hot liquids such as gravy or hot custard. The jug keeps the temperature of the element as it should be in between pouring. It’s easy to hold and drip free. Need we say more.
  • Fluted Dish – eating dessert has always been enjoyable; now making it is enjoyable too! This dish is easy to serve straight from the oven and comes in every colour. Dessert just got that much more delicious!
  • Salt and Pepper Shakers – time to shake it up with these beauties. This is not only a useful table must- have but its pretty too. It is top quality and can be adjusted for a fine or coarse grind.

For brilliant quality, carefully thought out and beautiful kitchen necessities- Le Creuset has you covered with wedding gift vouchers for every couple.

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