Top 10 engagement ring trends

Engagement Ring Ideas

Your engagement ring is not only an investment, a symbol of your commitment, sentimental and something beautiful. When it comes to your wedding day, you’re going to shine the brightest, sparkle and glow but the next biggest sparkle needs to be coming off your finger.. It is also a representation of who you are. Your engagement ring says so much about you- whether you like to be big and bold or classic and clean and therefore needs to be chosen with thought! Luckily, come 2018 the trends are as wild as you want them to be and the choices are endless. Here are our top ten engagement rings to help you narrow it down.

1. Rose gold

A rose gold engagement ring allows for any design but makes it extra special with the rich colour of the setting. Rose gold is somewhere in the middle of classic silver but not as loud as yellow gold. It’s an ultra- feminine way to give a classic ring some colour.

2. Twist it

Twisted bands are fun and fresh, it takes the feature away from only the top and keeps your eye moving and gliding along the whole ring. Talk about getting an engagement ring with a bit of a twist.

3. Classic – Back to basics 

Less really is more. A simple band with one big diamond sitting neatly on top is so simple but so catchy. It gives full attention to the diamond as the main feature and will never go out of style.

4. Pear shape

Pear shaped stones have been around for a while now but are becoming more popular due to the grace and elegance of the stone shape. It also sits beautifully on you’re finger and can be worn either way depending way depending on your mood.

5. Cushion cut

A cushion cut diamond is exactly what its name says, slightly square in shape but without the harsh edges. Its wholesome and bright with a brilliant shine. A cushion cut engagement ring will keep all eyes wide open.

6. Coloured stone

Coloured is the new clear! Choosing stones of colour are not only the latest trend, unusual and a way to express your personality. It is also budget conscious for those who feel that big diamonds are too much of a pressure during this financially stressful time. If you do want a bit of tradition, smaller diamonds can be used around the main coloured stone which creates a very interesting effect.

7. Meghan Markle it

Not all of us can live a fairy tale and marry a literal prince. But we can definitely get inspiration from Meghan’s gorgeous ring for when we marry the prince of our own. Meghan’s ring has a main diamond in the centre and two supporting diamonds on either side. Its beautiful, tasteful and the cherry or diamond on top of the perfect romance.

8. Halo

We’ve got a princess but what about angels to make up the perfect fairy tale? An engagement ring with one main stone and a halo of small stones around it is the best way. A halo diamond engagement ring really does say angelic innocence and charm as it has exceptional detail, while still giving a feel of wholeness and depth.

9. Trillion-cut

A trillion-cut diamond is a highly faceted, triangular diamond making it incredibly shiny. It’s a new up and coming shape, unique and perfect for brides attracted to sharp geometric shapes. A trillion- cut diamond is perfect if you’re looking for something with a bit of an edge!

10. Two- stone setting

Sometimes just one diamond isn’t enough. In that case there are many gorgeous designs that use two diamonds in a very creative way to complement each other and set each other off. This is funky and new and you won’t see many others with a two stone ring design.

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