Things to do on your would-be wedding day

Having your wedding day cancelled is extremely disappointing, and don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. You’ve dreamt about it and you’ve planned it to perfection.

One Wrapistry couple, Irina and Steve, had to postpone their wedding date half way through March, with just over a month and a bit to go until the big day. Here is their story of how to make the most of this situation.

I was very disappointed about it, and as the “would-be” date was approaching and we were still in lockdown, I thought of a few creative and fun things that we could do on the day to still celebrate. As much as people can tell you to ignore the date as now it means nothing, as a fellow bride I know that it’s not possible, as you’ve had that date etched into your mind
for months! We decided to still honour the date and do things that would make us feel good and happy on the day, so here are a few fun things you can do to cheer yourself up and still enjoy the meaningful date.

Put on some “bridal attire”

I’m not saying put on your wedding dress or suit, but if you had something from your bridal shower or bachelorette such as a sash, a “bride-to-be” crown or a T-shirt, then put it on! You are still a bride and a groom, and you are still getting married! We had fun T-shirts that my mom gifted us with last year and I had a veil from my bachelorette party, so both of us dressed up on the day and went around doing our daily tasks in our fun T-shirts.

Spoil your partner

I had the loveliest surprise from my fiancé, when a pamper box arrived at the door on our would-be wedding day. Because we were just coming out of lockdown, Steve couldn’t get me flowers to cheer me up so he ordered some bath goodies and candles. Gift something small for your partner to surprise them, because it really does bring extra love to the day! Now that we are on Level 4 you can spoil them with flowers, beauty hampers, or even some winter clothing. This is the time to get creative, maybe even do a little home-made card or letter, so you can look back and remember the day.

Make a special dinner

We were set to have a sit-down dinner for our wedding, and we just had the food tasting in February and settled on our menu and our wines. We were really excited about the meal, because to both of us this was something important on the wedding day. We decided to re-create our menu by having home-made butternut soup (our starter), beef fillet with sides (our main) and wedding cake on the night, paired with some delicious wine! Our menu will be changing now because we are no longer getting married in winter, so it was a special way to honour the day.

Have a Zoom online party with your bridal party!

One of the best parts of the day was our Zoom chat with our bridal party. We spoke to our parents earlier in the day, but in the evening we decided to have some fun and be less formal, by just having our bridal party on the call. We have a large bridal party, with us both having 6 groomsmen and bridesmaids (plus their partners!) so we were up until 1pm the next morning, saying toasts and speeches, doing shots and just laughing and having a good time. It got me feeling excited about when our day does come, because I know it will be amazing and full with love, if our small celebration was anything to go by.

COVID-19 brides, I know that things seem really hard and uncertain for you at the moment, and I am with you on this journey! Just keep in mind that your big day is still coming and we will all make beautiful brides once this is all done (because this too, shall pass!).

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