The perfect proposal

The perfect proposal – Where there’s a will there’s a way- now that you’ve found “the one”, you need to find a way to ask her to spend your lives together. It may seem like a daunting task so here are some proposal ideas:

1. Flash mob: grand gestures go a long way. And a flash mob in an unexpected place is one way to sweep her off her feet, show her just how much she means to you and ask you’re the most important question of your life.

2. Proposing with family and friends: many say that you don’t just marry your partner but their family too. And this couldn’t be more true. Proposing with your closest family and friends around is a great start to having a happy relationship with your in-laws going forward.

3. Plan a mini-vacation: the planning of a proposal takes much longer than asking the actual question. Unless, you go away for the weekend, get out of the every day rut and make proposal a full few day experience. This is not only memorable but enables a special few days alone together as an engaged couple.

4. Beach proposal: the beach is a classic romantic spot. Capture the moment for sunset and write “will you marry me” in the sand. A moment like that will feel like a dream come true.

5. Recreate your first date: recreating your first date is personal, meaningful and sentimental. It reminds you where your relationship started and how far it’s come. Reminiscing about the past while ensuring a future together is the perfect way to tie it together in order to tie the knot.

6. At a concert: This one may require some connections and sheer luck if you want to go all out and do it on stage. But proposing at the concert of her favourite band or singer will be well worth it. Even if you don’t get the spot light over the A- list celebrity and propose from in the crowd, it’s a fun and romantic way to ask her to marry you.

7. Treasure hunt: the effort of this proposal will be enough to impress her on its own. Create a treasure hunt of romantic clues that will take her to your favourite spots as a couple in the city until she finally finds the ring. This is symbolic of the journey you take as a couple.

8. Spa day: spend the day together being pampered at an exotic spa. The setting is calming, romantic and exclusive and it is a wonderful environment to spend quality time together making it the perfect place to propose. Plus, she may have had a manicure as one of her treatments and her hands are looking primed and ready to have an engagement ring on it.

9. Helicopter ride: getting engaged is like being on cloud 9. Literally. Organise a helicopter to get a romantic birds eye view and propose in the air.

10. Keep it intimate: cook a romantic dinner for two, light candles everywhere and play your favourite song. This is a personal and intimate way of proposing and for many, this is all that is needed.

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