Something old, something new, something borrowed & something blue

Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue

This saying is from an old English rhyme which names the four good luck objects that a bride should where on her wedding day. The custom is taken on by many at their wedding celebration. “Something old” represents continuity, “something new” expresses excitement for what’s to come, “something borrowed” is humbling, indicating borrowed happiness and “something blue” represents fidelity and purity. Although it is an old saying, these elements can be incorporated in many new ways.


Something old: This is a very special opportunity to connect with previous generation family members, some far enough back that they are not around anymore, and to incorporate them into your big day in a unique way. This can be done traditionally by wearing a family heirloom jewellery (which doubles up as something borrowed), or with a twist, incorporating objects and material from vintage clothing into a very unique bouquet of flowers made from these materials or objects. In this way, the bouquet itself is also timeless.

A fun way to incorporate something old is by having the “bride/groom” car as a funky vintage model. Or to get even more abstract, read old, classic and timeless poetry at the ceremony.

Something new: This one should be easy, everything is new! New dress and shoes, new name, new life together! But for something more tangible, incorporate the key of you new home into the ceremony or wear a new scent specially for the wedding that will bring back beautiful memories every time it is worn and smelt in the future.

Something borrowed: As mentioned previously, it is special to be able to borrow an old family heirloom in the form of jewellery on this momentous occasion, you can also borrow someone who holds an important role in your life’s dress and fix it up to suit your own style. If this is too much you can borrow a handbag instead. Other subtle ways of incorporating borrowing is by borrowing a first dance song that you found particularly romantic at another wedding or anything else from the theme or set up of other weddings that you really enjoyed.

Something blue: There are so many ways of incorporating something blue. Sapphire jewellery would be an exquisite something blue, wear blue dressing robes while getting your hair and makeup done. Or for something sneakily sexy, wear blue lingerie underneath your gown or a traditionally a blue garter.

If you are the creative type, there are ways to make your own saying all in one. This can be done by using a big safety pin and attaching an old piece of jewellery, a new piece of jewellery, a borrowed from the ocean pearl, and a blue bead. Or combinations as you please for a really interesting and unique way of incorporating an old saying.

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