Why choose Wrapistry?


Perfect Choice

Over 3,000 wedding gifts, experiences and cash funds to choose from.

Personalized Page

Let your wedding registry reflect your style. Personalize with a couple photo and background image.

Free Delivery

Get real-time notifications when a gift is purchased. You decide when your gifts delivered - at no extra costs.

Thank You Manager

We make it a pleasure by mailing you a list of exactly who gave you which gift. Saving you time when it comes to creating your thank you cards.

Completion Discount

Receive 10% off Wrapistry for a year after your wedding. That's right, the entire store - not only your registry.

Gift Adviser

Our gift adviser will tell you how many gifts to add to your registry and help you with recommended gift prices.

Easy to Exchange

We make it easy to exchange gifts for whatever your heart desires.

Group Gifting

Your guests can collectively put money towards a more expensive wedding gift.

International Credit Cards

Overseas friends and family can easily buy off your registry. We accept major international credits cards at no extra charges.

Honeymoon & Cash Funds

No more banking details, cheques or cash envelopes! Lowest cash fee of 2,95% - safe and secure.

Simple & Convenient

Setting up your registry takes a few seconds. And because it’s all managed online, you can add gifts anywhere, anytime!

VIP Customer Service

Our team of wedding registry experts will help you every step of the way. Our customers and service are our greatest gift.
Enjoy the Simplicity

Discover the Ultimate Wedding Registry