Must have registry items

#1 Salton Hot tray

What’s the use of having a warm and welcoming home if the food served is cold?! Impress your guests with your delicious home cooked meal that can be kept warm on your new hot tray for hours on end.

#2 Wonki Ware Extra Bamboo Platter 

Wonki Ware is elegant, trendy, funky, unique and practical all in one. The perfect size platter is not only ideal for every occasion but would be the starting item in a long-term collection of items from the exquisite brand.

#3 Nicolson Russell Dubai Titanium Cutlery Set    

Every home needs a set of cutlery, but yours needs the Nicolson Russel set. With its slender design it sets the tone for a charming and glamorous dinner party, or even a romantic meal for two.

#4 Mervyn Gers Ceramic Dinner Set

No two marriages are the same, just like no two items of Mervyn Gers are the same. Hand made ceramics insures that each piece is one of a kind and absolutely breath taking. Make your home as unique as your marriage by investing in this set!

#5 Travelite Luggage  

Your honeymoon may be the start, but hopefully not the end of travels and adventures together. The best travel experience starts with good quality luggage- make sure you are ready to jet set by owning some Travelite cases which come in many sizes and colours to suit your specific needs.

#6 Mungo Continental Towel

Not only are these towels luxurious and pretty, they are practical too! Fast absorbing, quick drying and compact, these proudly South African towels are a necessity.

#7 Linen House Bedding     

Linen House is comfortable, affordable and most importantly absolutely stunning in their designs. Their bedding will brighten up any room in a tasteful and homey way. Every day will feel like a holiday with their fresh and happy look.

#8 Smeg Retro Jug Blender

Couples who “smoothie” together stay together. Juice up your home with this excellent quality blender- its convenient, fun, nutritious and delicious.

#9 Sagaform Rocking Whiskey Glasses

What better way to kick back and relax after a long day than with some whiskey… in this unusual glass. Sagaform’s glasses aren’t your ordinary whiskey glasses but thay curve at the bottom so that the glass can tilt without the contents spilling. Not only that, it is also comfortable to hold and can be used for other drinks such as cocktails or even a fancy dessert.

#10 Carrol Boys Ceramic Mugs

No South African home, or any home for that matter, is complete without a spark of Carrol Boys. The mug has a classic Carrol Boys design- its clean and neat while at the same time its quirky and edgy. A set of these mugs are truly the cherry on top in any house.

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