How to support a friend whose wedding has been impacted by the coronavirus

Bride and Grooms spend months, sometimes even years planning their dream wedding and just like that, the day they have been looking forward to the most has been put on hold. Couples we’ve spoken to are feeling sad, overwhelmed and disappointed. As a friend or loved one of these couples, you could be feeling very helpless right now as the situation is totally out of everyone’s control.

The good news is even if you can’t stop by to give a big hug, there are other things you can do to lift their spirits and show your support.

Wine and dine

Although the date of the wedding is unconfirmed at this stage, the bride still holds her title and it is important to make her feel as special as possible. Even if you can’t be together in person, thanks to zoom you can be there for the bride in every other way. Schedule a time on zoom for all the bridesmaids to get together (sort of) and sip some wine or hot chocolate, toast to the bride and have some fun. This can even be on the day that the bachelorette or kitchen tea was meant to be on, creating a virtual celebration.

Just ask

Wedding planning can be overwhelming even if there isn’t a global pandemic to worry about. There may actually be very practical things for you to do to help in the situation as there may be many tasks (some fun and some not so fun) that the couple will need to do. For example, calling the various vendors to postpone or cancel their service or notifying guests of the postponement or down- sizing. You could also help them compile their wedding registry. This not only helps alleviate the stress but is a very tangible way of showing you care.

Give reassurance

Make your loved-one know that you are there for them no matter what and let them know that love is never cancelled and their day with still be magical. Tell them to hang in there and let them know we all in this together. Remember positivity always wins.

Keep up the excitement

Whether you are able to replace certain build up celebrations with virtual meetings or not, there are many ways to keep the wedding vibe alive. One of these is sending some love, literally, in the form of small wedding related gifts or a gift card (have a look at our gift card selection) from the bridesmaids. This does not only keep the wedding excitement going but, shows the bride that you are thinking about her.

Make room for the honeymoon

The honeymoon is as much part of the wedding excitement as anything else. The world might be hibernating at the moment but it is certainly not going anywhere. This means that this down time is the perfect opportunity to travel from the comfort of your own home and research exotic places to actually travel to at a later stage. Share these exciting ideas with the couple. Luckily Wrapistry has a honeymoon cash fund option so that these places don’t feel too far out of reach.

Don’t forget about the Groom

They are as important as the bride. It’s always nice to have people checking in on the Groom too and giving him some positive encouragement.

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