How to de-stress before your big wedding day

Your wedding day is coming up and the excitement has started to build. The thrill of organising your dream wedding, as well as the life changing aspect of actually getting married may lead to some very normal nerves and slightly heightened stress levels. It’s important to manage this so that you can enjoy your day and the lead up to it blissfully and happily. Here are some tips to help you be as relaxed as possible to make sure you enjoy your wedding day.

Pamper yourself

The first and most obvious way to destress is getting pampered of course. A day out to the spa in a beautiful setting, getting massages, facials and manicures is the ideal way to relax and also set off that pre- wedding glow. It’s also a great idea to bring your bridesmaids along for some quality girly time.


Stay hydrated

Drinking lots of water will not only keep your energy levels up, it will also ensure healthier skin leading up to the big day.

Stay connected

Attaining the perfect wedding may lead you to get so caught up in the organisation that you lose sight of what really matters- your significant other. We know you have the rest of your lives together, but these few weeks leading up to the marriage are equally important. Go to your favourite restaurant, the place you had your first date, or even just get takeout’s and watch Netflix. Each other’s company should be the best de- stress tool there is.

Wine and dine

Be it with your mom, your girls, or your fiancé. Ending the day off with a delicious meal and a glass of wine exudes relaxation.

Read a book or watch a movie

It’s not often that we make time for the small things in life. And at this chaotic time who really wants to. But these little things such as reading a good book or watching a movie will take you to another realm, even just for a few hours where you can let the wedding preparation stew and process while you take the time to just be. Be it a gripping book or movie or an old time favourite, the time out should really help you breathe easier.

Do what you love

Everyone has their happy place, what’s yours? Is it spending hours in a bubble bath? Painting? Writing? Knitting? Or sewing? Not only will these activities relax you, it will also bring out the best aspects of yourself, release endorphins and simply make you happy. What better time to emphasise yourself at your happiest than before your wedding?


Another way to stay healthy and release endorphins is through exercise. Find something that you connect with and get going. It can be running, yoga, Pilates or even a dance class at the gym to give you some moves on the dance floor at your wedding. Whatever it is, choose something you enjoy and be conscious not to push your body too far as we don’t want any injuries at this pivotal time.


Mindfulness is the new buzz word at the moment but what does it even mean? No, you don’t have to spend an hour meditating, you simply have to stop in the midst of all the chaos and acknowledge what you are doing and be grateful for all the goodness in your life. it means eating slightly slower to appreciate the taste of your food and slowing down ever so slightly to notice your breaths. This is a practice we should all be doing ever day.

Fresh air

And lastly, escape into nature. Find a pretty park or even your garden where you can walk barefoot to feel the grass under your feet and breath in some fresh air. Nature is a simple and underrated way to feel instantly grounded and at ease.

We hope these tips help you let go of some of the stress and feel relaxed, glowing and carefree before your big wedding day.

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