Honeymoon & Cash Funds

It’s only awkward if you make it awkward.
People love giving presents at weddings but sometimes another ‘thing’ is the last thing you need, because you’ve already got so much stuff. So how do you ask for cash, without, asking for cold hard cash?
We’ve come up with a solution that’s easy for you and your guests, secure and feels far more personal than an envelope.
Easy, Secure & Personal.
Now you can create custom cash funds to make it easier to ask for cash as a wedding gift.
No more banking details, EFT’s, cheques or cash envelopes!
Sometimes your dream isn’t a toaster…
More and more, couples want to make memories and so are craving experiences over things. We’re here to wrap up your dream in whatever shape it comes in, not just limited to hand delivered gifts, but including customised experience packages, tailor made for you.
Create a cash fund registry.
  • Once you have created your registry, you’ll see “Cash Funds” as a category at the top of the homepage.
  • Choose from our variety of cash & honeymoon funds. From Honeymoon getaway’s to home make overs to services for your wedding day and experiences after, we’re here to make #Happilyeverafter more than a hashtag, and transform your dream into a reality.
  • Once you’ve chosen the cash fund gifts you’d love to experience, set your desired amount and click ‘Add to Registry’.
  • When contributions have been made, Wrapistry will give you the total amount in cash, less 2,95% banking service transfer fee.
  • You can opt to have these cash funds transferred whenever you like!
If you’ve got ideas to add to the honeymoon and cash fund registry, contact us and we will happily help set it up for you.