Top 10 Carrol Boyes Homeware

Top 10 Carrol Boyes Homeware

“I wanted to create things that would be accessible to most people, rather than an elite few… My aim was to combine sculpture with functionality. It’s easier for people to justify buying an expensive object that they have fallen in love with if they have a practical use for it” Carrol Boyes.

Behind the brand Carrol Boyes is the iconic South African designer for which the brand gets its name. She combined a creative background with a passion for sculpture into the unique home essentials that as South Africans, we know and love. No South African home is complete without a trademark Carrol Boyes and the value of it is embedded in our culture.

Here are some suggestions of the top ten Carrol Boyes items to add that passion, creativity and practicality to your home.

Wine Decanter

This wine decanter is elegant and dramatic as well as being a perfect trademark item of the design, as it encapsulates the beautiful sculpture in a uniquely practical way.

Carrol Boyes Wine Decanter

Salad Servers

Every good home needs a good set of salad servers. These ones are classy and funky at the same time and add some quirkiness to a simple green salad.

Carrol Boyes Salad Servers

Water Jug

In the design of the water jug, the sculpted figure plays a double role as a handle, creating a strong and sleek looking silhouette while still maintaining its function. The jug itself is also an excellent water jug in that it is a decent size and keeps the water fresh and cool.

Carrol Boyes Water Jug

Milk and Sugar Set

Each item individually is simply beautiful, but as a set, it’s a must have. This set doesn’t have the usual signature figures so if you prefer something more subtle, this is the way to go.

Ice Tongs

The genius of this design is so blatant when using these tongs, the structure simple and efficient but with that special Carrol Boyes twist.

Carrol Boyes Ice Tongs


The mugs in the range have a different feel. These ceramic mugs are interesting and colourful. It’s the perfect solution to having uniform yet interesting mugs.

Carrol Boyes Mugs


The various shapes and colour vases (from silver to copper) are an expression of artistic skill and creativity. The stagnant vase manages to capture movement and flow in just being. These items are recommended to make a bold statement in your home

Soap and Lotion

Soap and lotion holders are often over-looked and seen as unimportant, until you get the ones that stand out. These soap holders are the ones that stand out with their pretty illustrations and sleek exterior.

Oven Gloves

Cooking can be an arduous task, especially if you’re not properly prepared. Keep your hands safe and stylish with these gorgeous oven gloves that make cooking that much more exciting.

Carrol Boyes Oven Gloves


Unlike the other designs, you can’t necessarily see that this is a Carrol Boyes design straight away. The glasses are subtle in but effective and rather unusual. What better way to say cheers than with one of these!

Carrol Boyes Glassware


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