Wrapistry reimagines the baby registry

Traditional gift registries don’t leave much room for creativity. With Wrapistry, though, couples can ask for what they actually want.

Wrapistry reimagines the baby registry

Traditional gift registries don’t leave much room for creativity. With Wrapistry, though, couples can ask for what they actually want.

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At Wrapistry, our customers and service are our greatest gift. This is all part of our mission to help make

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“I wanted to create things that would be accessible to most people, rather than an elite few… My aim was

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The elegance of a sophisticated drink is often found in the glass itself. A mojito, cosmopolitan, glass of wine, glass

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Let your culinary skills shine this winter. Our new Le Creuset wedding gift cards are available at Wrapistry and can be used

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Wedding centrepiece inspiration

Aside from the happy couple, there is only one other element of the wedding day that takes centre stage and

Supporting South African brand – Native Decor

At Wrapistry, we've sourced the best quality products we can find while supporting local South African craftsmanship and brands. Native

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You don’t need to be a foodie to get excited about a gorgeous wedding cake. The tradition is fun, exciting

Something old, something new, something borrowed & something blue

Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue This saying is from an old English rhyme which names the

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Must have registry items

#1 Salton Hot tray What’s the use of having a warm and welcoming home if the food served is cold?!

Honeymoon & cash funds

It’s only awkward if you make it awkward. People love giving presents at weddings but sometimes another ‘thing’ is the

Best spot to tie the knot

Best Spot to Tie the Knot! Top 10 wedding venues in Sunny South Africa Your dream day has finally arrived,

Group gifting with Wrapistry

Let’s Gang Up on the Married Couple. You know that sinking feeling as you scroll through a wedding registry and

Game changer for newlyweds

The sudden move to automation, investment in robotics and exploration of artificial intelligence is all pointing towards the impending 4th Industrial Revolution. The