5 Tips to get your guests going…on the dance floor!

One of the most memorable aspects of the wedding is celebrating with family and friends in the only way we know how – partying it up on the dance floor with life and happiness! This is the part of the wedding that everyone can and should get involved in. The better the dance floor energy, the better the vibe, the better the wedding.

Here are some tips to ensure that your wedding is the celebration it deserves to be:

  • The Band – The band is everything. This means that careful planning and attention needs to go into choosing the right band and forming a good relationship with them leading up to your big day. The most important thing is to choose a band who’s music you love but who also fits into the theme of the wedding and suits who you are as a couple. For example, a barn wedding would need a different band to a beach wedding to a black tie wedding. The band sets the tone for the entire function, so it is important to choose them well. Once you have chosen the band, it is helpful to meet with them at least once before the wedding, not only so they know exactly what music you want but also to create a bond and form a relationship so that they really put their heart and soul into playing at your wedding and can even add some personal touches.
  • The Right Dance Floor – Your wedding day isn’t the time to be taking you back to primary school mathematics but it is important to make sure the size of the dance floor is the right size for the amount of guests you are having. If it’s too small, it will be uncomfortable and no one will want to dance and if it’s too big it will feel empty and spacious. The trick is getting it just right. Make sure this is communicated to the function hall and let them worry about the dimensions around the number of guests you are having.
  • Be The Best Bride – the best way to get your guests to enjoy themselves is for you to enjoy yourself! Get on the dance floor first, let go, have fun and your guests will follow suite. Often guests are intimidated by the bride and groom, but now’s your chance to enjoy your day fully, participate in the dancing and show the world that brides can be human too.
  • Song Suggestions – Another great way to get guests involved is to let them be involved! Either encourage a jukebox style song suggestion aspect at your wedding or take it one step further and have a space on the RSVP card for guests to not only let you know that they will be attending but to also let you know what song they would love to hear played. This is a way to make each and every guest feel special and also get excited to be on the dance floor.
  • Successful Scheduler – It is vital to plan each set of dances to be at the correct time and follow some sort of order. For example, one short first set of dancing before starters and the toast, the main set of dancing once everyone has some energy and then a break for main course and a wild party to end the night.

Now, tips aside, just go and have the time of your life and get your guests dancing until their feet are sore on the dance floor!

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